How to do marketing on LinkedIn

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August 19, 2020

How to do marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social network designed to help people through career development, professional connections, industry discussion and other types of business-related activities. With over 675 million users, LinkedIn became an invaluable digital marketing strategy that helps you grow your business by establishing partnerships, making connections to generate leads and increase brand awareness. Even if it is much smaller than Facebook, LinkedIn is capturing business-to-business traffic and has a strong business client base. To help you navigate LinkedIn as a marketing platform, here are some important things to keep in mind as you develop your LinkedIn profile:

1.   Optimise your profile

The first step is to optimise your profile before you start seeking new clients or customers. Create a LinkedIn profile that attracts people to you and focuses on how your business scan help other members. There are some important LinkedIn sections that need to be optimised to receive success on the LinkedIn platform:

·        The head-shot must look professional. So, make sure you are smiling and you look appropriate to your industry that you represent.

·        The professional headline must include key words or key words phrases that the ideal client might search to find you on the platform.

·        The summary is the most overlooked section on LinkedIn and most of the times is difficult to compose. Using few simple strategies, you can write a simple summary that effectively talks about you and what you have to offer. It is very important to keep paragraphs short and to the point and use bullet points to break up the content. Don’t forget to include your email address at the end to make it easier for a potential client to get in touch with you.

·        The experience section should cover a list of your greatest career accomplishments or major projects you worked on to demonstrate your growth and provide a sense that you are an ambitious person willing to learn new things.

·        The education and training can help you to stand out from others and it is essential to add all the activities you participated in and qualifications you gained or any other class you we remember of.

·        The skills and endorsements include the hard skills and soft skills. Soft skills can be communication, leadership or team work whilst hard skills are things that you have learned over time such as: accounting, computer skills, languages or project management skills.

·                                       The recommendations from others are the perfect way to be recognised for your accomplishments you have made or some of the values you have provided to others. It is best to ask your previous client or customer or,even the top leaders in your industry to provide you with recommendations.

2.   Develop a 30 second pitch

Talking to others about your products or services it is an effective way to let others know about your expertise and qualifications and how you can help them solve some of their biggest problem. This strategy will save you time and energy on the long run as well.

3.   Find your target market

The search tools available on LinkedIn will help you a lot to target your ideal client and let them know that you are offering services or products that they are looking for. Also, it is very important to send a customised invitation where you can write how you might be able to help them out and invite them to take part of your free content that you are offering rather than including any products or services. Moreover, a link to your recent blog post or video might be useful to make them understand your business. An invitation to your email list can be useful to share some free offers or discount. The most important thing though, is to keep your message short and simple.

4.   Use the news feed wisely

Your main goal now is to create meaningful content about who you are and what is that you have to offer in order to generate engagement and interest from your members. You can post inspirational content, relevant quotes that resonate with your network or you can introduce an article, a blog post or a teaser video about a future content. However, you have to know what your audience want to know and produce content specifically for them. Most important is to interact with others too and use Likes, Comments section or even Share their post they make, so they will do the same with your news feed. Posting multiple times a day can affects the reach of your creative assets and the more you publish,decrease the engagement of your members. Posting once a day, 3 to 5 times a week allows you to get your message across.

5.   Create your LinkedIn group

Creating your own LinkedIn group that will support you is not always a great way to listen on what your audience is talking about, but also building relationships with potential clients. When one person in group make a post or shares an article on LinkedIn, they invite others in the group to Like, Comment and Share the content of their post. This type of engagement pushes your content out to more people and increase your exposure. So, develop a list of people from your industry or relevant industries and create your own group.

6.   Direct contact with the clients

In order to start a direct contact with a client you have to understand your target market and control the search filters LinkedIn provides. When you find interesting people to connect with, you should always personalise your invitations, especially when they are your potential clients. Firstly, you always have to start by addressing the contact by his or her first name, so you make it clear that the message was sent to them and not to your entire email contact list. Then mention how you know them and how you find interesting the last posting they shared and, also add a genuine reaction to their article,blog post or discussion. Lastly, you can include an article that you find useful for them and it is relevant to your service that you offer. It is very important to provide value, to understand what your clients want and engage with them to fulfil their needs.

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