The most effective marketing strategies

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September 17, 2020

The most effective marketing strategies


In the interest of growing their visibility, most of the people write a blog in hopes of ranking on Google, send it to their email subscribers, and post it to their social media profiles. But since the content marketing become so popular, it’s more difficult to develop many marketing techniques for reaching and resonating with an audience. Here are the most effective marketing techniques that will help you learn more about how to reach your audience effectively.

1.   The importance of content

Nearly everyone is investing in content and all you need is creativity, skills and strategy to create a relevant content that educates your audience. Nearly all the B2B content marketers use educational resources to build audience trust and attract the leads, which is completely necessary for inbound marketing. It is important to decide who will read and benefit from your content because marketing is about relationship with customers and, also with other competitive marketers.

2.   Marketing messages personalisation

Very few brands conduct a personalised messaging strategy digging into analytics and understanding demographics, audience segmentation and affinity categories. Brock Murray, COO of digital marketing agency seoplus+, said that “consumers should be made to feel special and automation is the way to go because it allows advertisers to create ads that dynamically change based on the person is searching. The results show consumers want this type of customisation.”

The message must be concise and easily understandable to make sure that your audience receive value with each interaction. For an effective personalisation is essential to conduct an audience segmentation or separating your users into groups based on personal attributes like their demographics, psychographics, and behavioral information. This strategy enables you to speak to each group differently based on how they interact with the brand even though each behavior group may look similar, they act in different ways.

3.   Analysing the data

Facebook and Google are influencing the audience targeting because they relocate from manual bidding capabilities and now their algorithms are capable to understand which ad images and copy will provide the best click-through and conversion rates. Using the data and analysing the performance metrics of existing content allows you to identify where the gaps are, and then design new creative content that impact poor performing metrics. According to Clifford Chi, content marketing writer at HubSpot there is, also an effective SEO strategy where you must follow few steps:

·        “find content that ranks well for keywords you want to rank for

·        create content that’s better than the top-ranking posts

·        use SEO tools to find all the sites that have linked to your competitor’s content

·        ask the most relevant sites to replace your competitor’s link with a link to your improved content.”


4.   Historical optimisation

Another marketing technique that will help you stand out from the competition is revisiting and updating the old content. By refreshing posts with new information and imagery and, then republish them as a new blog post can boost your existing organic reach and double or even triple the user engagement traffic. This process will help you optimise your blog efficiently and reduce the time of creating new content while increasing organic rankings and conversion.

5.   Expand your guest blogging opportunities

This type of strategy consists in allowing more people to create content for your brand through guest blogging.It is ideal for both sides since you can use their knowledge as a resource for relevant information and they can expand their expertise using this guest post contribution. These types of articles can extend the organic traffic and bring promising leads.

6.   Email marketing

Since subscribing to your favourite online publications through email is the best way to stay informed with their latest news and stories, it is essential to keep in mind the quality of your content and its emotional resonance. To grow your email subscriptions,it is important to use an email marketing software that will allow you to create, personalise, and optimise marketing emails without needing a developer.Also, to avoid any issues, a great technique is to use the email preview tool,so you can test the email before sending to them and see how they look to your every service provided.

7.   Podcasting

People spend around 17 hours per week listening their favourite podcast, online radio shows, and audiobooks. Recently podcasting has become one of the most effective marketing strategies that has driven site traffic and brand awareness without having to have your face in front of the camera. It’s a great opportunity for repurposing content that you may already have on your blog and, holding on to your audience’s attention and entertain them will only bring huge benefits.

8.   Using more video

Video remained the most popular digital marketing tactic to build stronger relationship with consumers and makes them more likely to make a purchase. So, you can start including tutorials,testimonials and behind-the-scenes footage that will help you build brand affinity. It’s a good chance to engage with your existing customer, as well a spotential new ones with the help of a smartphone, a bit of charisma, and some basic editing skills.


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